Domo Taco New York City

Step 1 / Choose Style

    • TACOS - $3 (plus $1 for fish)

      All tacos served on soft corn tortillas with pico de gallo, soy miso slaw and sesame crema

    • BURRITOS - $8

      Flour tortilla served with rice, asian style beans, cheddar/monterey jack cheese, soy miso slaw, pico de gallo, pickled daikon/carrots and sesame crema

    • QUESADILLA - $8 (cheese only - $6)

      Toasted 12" flour tortilla w/ choice of meat, cheddar/monterey jack cheese and sesame crema

    • BOWL - $8

      Served w. medium grain white rice, asian style beans, soy miso slaw, pico de gallo, pickled daikon/carrots and sesame crema

    • 3 TACO COMBO - $8

      (mix and match, including fish and shrimp)

    • 4 TACO COMBO - $10

      (mix and match, including fish and shrimp)

    • 2 TACO + RICE & BEANS - $8

      (mix and match any 2 tacos + rice and beans)

    • BURRITO + TACO - $10

      Choice of burrito plus any single taco

    • QUESADILLA + TACO - $10

      Choice of quesadilla plus any single taco

Step 2 / Add Meat

  • FISH

    Crisp tempura battered fish


    Crisp tempura battered shrimp

  • PORK

    Five spice braised pork shoulder


    Thinly sliced teriyaki steak


    Charcoal grilled lemongrass chicken

  • VEG

    Asian style beans, guacamole


    Kimchi infused Mediterranean style falafel w miso tahini



    Tater tots w. nacho cheese, salsa roja, okinomi sauce, Japanese mayo, nori and shaved bonito

  • FRIED GYOZA - $4

    5 fried chicken gyoza served with salsa roja and sesame crema


    beans and melted cheese sandwiched between two toasted corn tortillas topped with an over easy egg, salsa roja, sesame crema and sesame seeds.

  • RICE & BEANS - $3

    Steam medium grain rice with asian style beans topped with monterey jack and cheddar cheese blend

  • CHIPS & SALSA - $3

  • GUACAMOLE - $2

  • Serving Asian-Inspired Tacos to the people of NYC

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Where We Are

    M: 52nd and 6th

    T: @theseaport (Fulton and John)

    W: Dumbo Lot (Jay and Water)

    Th: @theseaport (Fulton and John)

    F: Water & Old Slip

Locations subject to change for up-to date information view our twitter feed

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